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Name Official number Flag IMO
NAHMA  106047  GBR   
Year built Date launched Date completed
1897  19/02/1897   
Vessel type Vessel description
Yacht   Steel Screw Steamer  
Builder Yard Yard no
Clydebank Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Clydebank   300 

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
1740 grt / 970 nrt / 288.8 ft  36.7 ft  17.7 ft   
Engine builder Clydebank Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Clydebank
Engine detail
2 x T4cyl 22½",38",40",40"x27" 236nhp 4250ihp, 2-screw 

First owner First port of register Registration date
George L Watson, Glasgow  Glasgow  27/11/1896 
Other names
1923 ISTAR - 1926 GOONDOOL (intended) 
Subsequent owner and registration history
30/11/1896 Robert W Goelet, New York
1899 Mrs Louise Goelet, New York (after death of husband)
1912 Robert W Goelet, New York
1923 Jeremiah Brown & Co Ltd - mng G E Millner, Alderney - reg Glasgow
1925 Lt Cdr Charles L Kerr & Robin Thynne, London - reg Southampton
1926 Marine Products Ltd (Dr Alfred Ehrenreich) - mng Charles Robinson, Southampton 
Vessel history
10/1898 reported purchased by Sir Thomas Lipton for £80,000; but not completed
6/1917 requisitioned by United States Navy as section patrol vessel NAHMA (SP-771)
7/1919 arrived Clyde from Constantinople via Devonport; 9/1919 returned to owner
1923-4 made seven voyages for Sir Brodrick Hartwell from UK, shipping whisky for sale off Long island to smugglers during US Prohibition
1925-6 chartered to Prince Andrew of Russia for a world cruise with paying guests (this voyage probably never took place)
1926 intended renaming to GOONDOOL did not take place
1927 converted at Amsterdam or Antwerp to a shark-skin processing ship for making leather; 1598grt 617nrt
1928 voyage to Australia did not take place
by28/6/1929 operating at Tulear (now Toliara), St Augustine Bay, Madagascar, but went aground; later taken to Durban and laid up

Sister of Ogden Goelet's MAYFLOWER

1898 Rumoured [source?] bought by Lipton for £80,000 but Goelet family seems to have been repurchased, certainly by 1903.
Extensively used by Robert W Goelet from 1899 (his mother died in 1912)
End year Fate / Status
1931  Scuttled 28/03/1931 
Disposal Detail
Q4/1930 sold for breaking up in South Africa
3/1931 bronze propeller removed and ship scuttled 4 miles off Durban Harbour 


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