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Name Official number Flag IMO
TIRRICK  399392  GBR  8127919 
Year built Date launched Date completed
1983  01/02/1983  17/06/1983 
Vessel type Vessel description
Tug   Steel Motor Vessel  
Builder Yard Yard no
Ferguson Brothers (Port Glasgow) Ltd, Port Glasgow   489 

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
538 grt / 161 nrt / 226 dwt 37.44 m oa  11.82 m ext  4.2 m  5.36 m 
Engine builder Ruston Diesels Ltd., Newton-le-Willows
Engine detail
Twin M12cyl 4SCSA (254 x 305mm) Vee single reduction geared to two Voith-Schneider type multi-directional propellers.
Type 12RKCM, 4000bhp 12kn 45tbp 12½kn. 

First owner First port of register Registration date
Shetland Towage Ltd, Sullom Voe.   Lerwick  17/06/1983 
Other names
Subsequent owner and registration history
9/2/2006 Shetland Islands Council Towage Operations, Lerwick
5/2017 IMS Christos XXIV SA, Majuro MHI - mng Spanopoulos Group SA, Majuro MHI & Salamina, Greece - reg Kingstown VCT
8/2017 Christos XLI Spanopoulos Tugs Maritime Co - mng Consortium Spanopoulos Salvage Tugs, Piraeus - reg Piraeus
Vessel history
1/7/1982 Keel laid
original dimensions: 120.9 x 37.2 x 11.2ft
Shetland Towage Ltd. was Incorporated 14th February 1975 – Scottish Company Registered No. SC 57193.

It was owned by Cory Ship Towage Ltd., London (25%): Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd. , Glasgow (25%) & Shetland Island Council (50%).

July 1998: Both Clyde Shipping and Cory Towage sold their 25% holdings to the Shetland Islands Charitable Trust that had also acquired the other 50% thus severing the association.

10.8.2012: Dissolved
End year Fate / Status
  In Service  
Disposal Detail


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