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Name Official number Flag IMO
Year built Date launched Date completed
1940  07/03/1940  03/1940 
Vessel type Vessel description
Naval Trawler  Steel Screw Steamer  
Builder Yard Yard no
Ardrossan Dockyard Ltd, Ardrossan   381 

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
462 grt / 128 nrt / 530 disp 164.0 ft  27.5 ft  10.5 ft   
Engine builder Plenty & Son Ltd., Newbury
Engine detail
T3cyl, 850ihp, 1Screw 

First owner First port of register Registration date
The Admiralty, London (Royal Navy)     
Other names
1947 VAILA 
Subsequent owner and registration history
1947 Secretary of State for Scotland and commissioned the next year as a fishery patrol craft 
Vessel history

Tree class naval trawler

End year Fate / Status
1957  Wrecked 06/01/1957 
Disposal Detail
Wrecked at the mouth of Loch Shiel with loss of 5 lives. 


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