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Name Official number Flag IMO
ANDALUSIA  47828  GBR   
Year built Date launched Date completed
1863  13/10/1863   
Vessel type Vessel description
Cargo General  Iron Screw Steamer  
Builder Yard Yard no
J. & R. Swan, Maryhill, Glasgow Kelvindock   

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
274 grt / 211 nrt / 137.2 ft  19.8 ft  11.7 ft   
Engine builder Forrest & Barr, Port Dundas
Engine detail
50nhp, 1-screw
c1877 30nhp

1879 re-engined 60nhp,
Hutson & Corbett, Kelvinhaugh Engine Works, Glasgow 

First owner First port of register Registration date
Richard Munro (Mories, Munro & Co), Glasgow  Glasgow  23/11/1863 
Other names
Subsequent owner and registration history
05/1867 William Gifford (Gifford & Co), Leith - reg Leith (No.5/1867)
1874 Thomas W Sweet, Exmouth, Devon
03/1875 by the order of the High Court of Admiralty to William J. Armstrong, Glasgow.
13/3/1875 registered at Glasgow
11/1881 William McLeod, Middlesbrough - reg Middlesbrough
01/1886 The Scarborough Steam Shipping Co Ltd - mng John Stephenson, Scarborough - reg Scarborough
11/1892 The Tees Union Shipping Co Ltd - mng Christopher Forster, Middlesbrough - reg Stockton
09/1897 Alfred Tolhurst, Northfleet, Essex.
05/1898 Joseph Constant, shipbroker, London.
05/1898 Boye Joackim Flood, (Flood, Hunt and Co.) , London - reg London
03/1900 London, Isle of Wight and Poole Steam Shipping Co. Ltd. (John McDowall, manager), London.
06/1903 McDowall and Co., London.
09/1903 Joseph Constant, shipbroker, London.
02/1904 John Fletcher, Montrose.
05/1905 Alfred Montague, London.
04/1906 George H. Young, Leith. (Bankrupt 1907)
03/1907 Buchan and Hogg, Grangemouth krupt.
04/1907 William Jackson, Edinburgh (Andrew Buchan Jr and John M Hogg, Grangemouth, managers).
1910 William Hopworth, Grangemouth
12/1910 Invergrange Steam Ship Co. Ltd. (William Hopkin and John Paton and Co, managers), Grangemouth.
08/1912 Matthew Kirton and Sons Ltd. Newburn on Tyne.
11/1914 Matthew Worth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Stephen King, Southampton, manager).
04/1924 Thomas W. Hayes, Maldon, Essex.
Vessel history
1867 274g 213n; 1875 265g 180n; c1877 268g 167n; 1869 289g 160n
13/4/1881 on voyage Grangemouth for Calais with pig-iron, collided in heavy fog with iron steamer JAMES HARRIS of Middlesbrough (Middlesbrough for Grangemouth with pig-iron) off the Fern Islands. The JAMES HARRIS sank quickly and 14 crew lost. ANDALUSIA put in to Leith with heavy bow damage. Both vessels were held to be overladen and steaming too fast.

c1906 lengthened (remeasured?) 296g 127n, 147.7 x 19.8 x 11.7ft
1910 296g 104n; 1914 299g 109n; c1916 298g 134n 
End year Fate / Status
1924  Broken Up 17/10/1924 
Disposal Detail
17/10/1924 Arrived at Penarth, South Wales, for breaking up. 


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