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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
1891    ATHENAI  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  150 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1892  SPARTE  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  151 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1892    BYZANTION  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  152 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1892  99213 LONDON  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  153 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1892  99829  DUNGENESS  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  154 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1892  99216 IONA  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  155 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1893  99219  MATIN  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  156 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1893  VILLAM  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  157 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1893  151395  NOUR-EL-BAHR  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  158 Coaster Screw Steamer 
1894  HAIDAR PACHA  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  161 Passenger Screw Steamer 

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not named

Iron floating dock gate for Camperdown Dock ALMA
Thomas Downie, Dundee
by1860 J Dow, Melbourne
by1865 John A Blacklock, Launceston - reg Launceston
1865 David Spence (Spence Brothers), Melbourne - reg Melbourne
187x James Powell, Westport, New Zealand
21/11/1854 launching attempted but stuck on ways; successfully launched following day
maiden voyage to Geelong
By 1880 brigantine.
Wrecked on Elizabeth Reef, Pacific Ocean.
Reported 258grt 191nrt ? PAVO
Robert Peacock, Arbroath
01/08/1856 owner Brødrene Petersen, renamed RANDERS.
1901 owner Petersen & Albeck
1901 C Weinbergs Stenhuggerier, Aalborg.
16.12.1901: Sold to Petersen & Albeck for demolition but was rebuilt and sold to C Weinbergs Stenhuggerier, Aalborg.

By 1904 107.4 x 16.4 x 8.2 ft. 119/64t. LONDON
Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co, Dundee

7/7/1856 trials
1865 sank off Monifeith after being rammed by HARVEST QUEEN in the Tay. Salvaged by Henry Gourlay.
1872 lengthened to 243.9 ft, then 763 grt, 455 nrt
9/1909 for sale by auction at Dundee
10/1909 sold to Forth Shipbreaking Co Ltd for £1500
27/10/1909 sailed from Dundee for Bridgeness, Bo'ness.
Alexander Duranty & Co, Liverpool

On voyage from Swatow for Hong Kong in ballast totally wrecked in a typhoon about three miles from Lintin. One survivor was picked up by a Chinese boat and taken to Hong Kong.
Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co., Dundee
1/1863 General Steam Navigation Company, London - reg London
25/7/1857 trials
6/11/1886 sold for breaking by James Livingston.
Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co., Dundee
8/1871 Peter Barr & Archibald Fawcett, Leith
18xx J N Moore, Swansea
13/2/1858 trials
29/07/1879 foundered about 25 miles NNE of Bishops Rock, on passage Swansea for Dublin with coal.
West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Co - mng R W Jackson, West Hartlepool
1863 mng Pile, Spence & Co, West Hartlepool
1866 Scott Brothers, Newcastle - reg Newcastle-on-Tyne
1868 Mitchell & Co, Newcastle
1871 L Merton, Newcastle - reg London
1873 A. Davies & Co., London
1874 John & Mathser Langlands, John Reid and James Stewart (M Langlands & Son), Glasgow - reg Glasgow
Built on spec; 6/1858 under construction and for sale
At launch reported purchased by a London buyer

1874 366grt 230nrt
25/12/1877 wrecked at North Carrocks on passage Stromness for Leith.
Brodrene Petersen - Paul and Peter Tobias Pedersen, Randers
12/1870 Det Forenede D/S, Copenhagen (later reg. at Horsens and Hobra)
10/1901 A/S Em. Svitzers Bjergnings-Entreprise, Copenhagen
Built for Copenhagen-Jutland service
11/1901 converted to a lighter
Broken up by 23/10/1911 by Petersen and Albeck, Copenhagen.
574 passengers, built for Odense - Copenhagen service, later various coastal services for DFDS. MENDOZA

in 1870 Stephen Williamson, Birkenhead.
in 1890 Jas Hy Thomas, Swansea. Registered Plymouth.
1893 British Register closed.