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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
1828    WAVERLEY  Lang & Denny  Paddle Steamer 
1853  7859 WAVERLEY  Barclay & Curle  3 Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1863  45453  WAVERLEY  Robert Steele & Co.  31 Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1863  48562 WAVERLEY  John Duncan  Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1865  19076  WAVERLEY  A. & J. Inglis Ltd.  25 Passenger / Cargo Paddle Steamer 
1868  55134 WAVERLEY  Blackwood & Gordon  90 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1871  63870  WAVERLEY  J McPherson & Son  Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1877  76781 WAVERLEY  McIntyre & Co  3 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1881  84134  WAVERLEY  Gourlay Brothers & Co.  108 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1883  87686 WAVERLEY  J. McArthur & Co  Fishing Screw Steamer 

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Aikman & Co Glasgow.

22/May/1858 registry closed.

Amoy, November 24.- The Waverley, Rose, of Glasgow, from Shanghai to Swatow, in ballast, with passengers (Chinese soldiers), which capsized through the ballast shifting, was fallen in with by the schooner Nora, Forster, of Ipswich, from Swatow to Shanghai, with sugar, and the master, officers, crew, and about 200 the passengers taken off, in lat. 28° N., about 45 miles from the coast, leaving nearly 100 souls on board, and the vessel on her beam-ends, masts cut away, rudder useless, and the vessel unmanageable.

Hong Kong, November 28, - The Waverley, Rose, of Glasgow, from Shanghai to Swatow, was fallen in with, dismasted and water Logged, and the remainder of the passengers (95) taken off, and the ship set fire to, by the Intrepid, Gardinar, arrived here from Shanghal.
Glasgow Herald, Friday, January 15, 1858


Barry Railway Company (optd Barry & Bristol Channel Steamship Co), Cardiff
1908 Barry Railway Co, Cardiff
1910 The Bristol Channel Passenger Boats Ltd, Cardiff
1911 P & A Campbell Ltd, Bristol.
1933 reg Bristol
10/1939 Admiralty requisition - minesweeper
For Bristol Channel excursion trade as "Red Funnel Steamers".
Legally, the Barry Railway Co could only operate ships from Barry Pier and to circumvent this restriction she was registered in the names of William Symonds, William Lewis, Herbert Rees-Jones and Howard Radford, four of the company's directors, and later transferred to an associated company, Red Funnel Line Ltd.

c1912 398grt 165nrt; 1926 471grt 185nrt; 1937 466grt 183nrt

29/6/1915-20/11/1919 requisitioned by Admiralty as minesweeper and then supply ship at Dardanelles - based Mudros, then Salonika. Renamed HMS BARRYFIELD in 1917.
10/1939 requisitioned as minesweeper HMS SNAEFELL.
Sunk by aircraft in 54.51N - 01.27W while minesweeping off Sunderland. Bomb went down the funnel.
North British Steam Packet Co
1868 London & South Western Railway Co, Southampton.
1868 Channel Islands service.

North British Steam Packet Co. - H. Grierson, Glasgow
1902 North British Railway Company, Glasgow
11/1915 Admiralty requisition - minesweeper
1919 released to owners
1923 London & North Eastern Railway Company, Glasgow

Sunk in air attack during evacuation at Dunkerque.
London and North Eastern Railway, Glasgow
1948 British Transport Commission, Glasgow
1951 Caledonian Steam Packet Company Ltd., Glasgow
1974 Caledonian MacBrayne Holdings Ltd., Glasgow
1974 Waverley Steam Navigation Company Ltd., Glasgow
Operated on the Clyde for the LNER, BTC, Caledonian Steam Packet Company and Caledonian Macbrayne.
Withdrawn in 1973 she was sold for one pound to the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society who embarked on a restoration project. She made her first sailings under the Waverley Steam Navigation Co. in 1974.
She was reboilered in 1981 and in 2000 received a massive rebuilt at Great Yarmouth. This was completed in two stages and brought her back to near original condition albeit without her two after lifeboats.
She is part of the National Historic Fleet, Core Collection. She has travelled far and wide from her native Clyde since preservation circumnavigating Great Britain and has also visited Northern Ireland and Eire.
Still in service 2015.

Wm McLachlan and Robert Gallacher

12/1883 driven ashore at Immachur Point, Isle of Arran. 27/Jan/1884 became a total wreck.
William McLachlan (Wm McLachlan & Co), Glasgow.
1882 H S Johnston et Compagnie, Bordeaux - reg La Teste-de-Buch (Arcachon)
Built for the Lochfyne and Irish herring fisheries
1882 acquired for the fishing trade at Arcachon/La Teste
by1887 127grt 86nrt, 99.7 x 17.6 x 8.5ft; c1896 127grt 60nrt
3/10/1915 requisitioned by French Navy as an auxiliary patrol vessel; based at Fécamp
18/9/1918 withdrawn from service

Peter Campbell & Alexander Campbell, Glasgow
1887 Bristol Ch Marine Excursion Co on charter.
1894 registry to Bristol.
1894 Sale to P & A Campbell Ltd, Bristol, on 21/07/1893 duly registered
06/02/1920 Sold to William Pugsley, Bathurst Wharf, Bristol
Built for Clyde service, Loch Long and Holy Loch.
1885 McIntyre entered bankruptcy days after WAVERLEY left their yard to receive her engine and so she may have been completed by Fleming & Ferguson.
1889 258grt, 52nrt.
1917-1919 Requisitioned by the Admiralty for service as a minesweeper (HMS WAY).
Fitted with 1 x 6pdr gun.
Broken Up after decommissioning.