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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
1860  28217  TUSKAR  Blackwood & Gordon  36 Coaster Screw Steamer 
1863  47817 TUSKAR  Blackwood & Gordon  Coaster Screw Steamer 
1890  98598  TUSKAR  W B Thompson & Co. Ltd.  101 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1919  141923 KASTALIA  Lithgows Ltd  726 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1920  144227  TUSKAR  Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd.  255 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1955  187302 INGLEBY CROSS  Scott & Sons  408 Tug Motor Vessel 
1962  304136  TUSKAR  Charles Connell & Company  499 Cargo Motor Vessel 

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Glasgow, Cork & Waterford Steam Navigation Company, (J. P. Kidston, manager), Glasgow
23/04/1863 Register closed – sold Foreign.
16/05/1863 Registered to J. Bell, London.
16/06/1863 R.T. Stevens, London for onward sale at Bilbao, within the month.
20/06/1863 Register closed - sold to M. Garcia & Company, Bilbao, and renamed LORENZO SEMPRUN.

29/05/1863 Departed from Clyde for N. America.
23/05/1872 Damaged in collision off Hastings with the German BALTIMORE (2,321g./1869).
1875 Re-engined and re-boilered at Glasgow.
1887 Entry emoved from Lloyd's Register.

Glasgow, Cork & Waterford Steam Navigation Company, (G. J. Kidston, manager), Glasgow.
Archibald Glen Kidston 64/64ths. operated by first owner above
29/06/1869 George A. Mill & Others, Dundee.
01/1870 James Laing, Newcastle.
1870 Laing & Company, Montrose.
25/5/1872 M. Langland & Sons, Glasgow.

Keel laid as CUMBRAE
1877 Re-engined.
18/06/1881 Remeasured. 495 grt. 288 nrt.
07/08/1891 Remeasured. 433 grt. 215 nrt.

Whilst on a voyage from Dundee to Liverpool (via Glenarm and Port Ellen) with Limestone and general, wrecked near Islandmagee, County Antrim, N. E. Ireland.
Clyde Shipping Company Ltd., Glasgow.
12/1968 Losinjska Plovidba, Rijeka
1975 Owner restyled as Losinjska Plovidba OOUR Brodarstvo, Rijeka
Cargo & livestock.
Post 1968: Tmk. 1,592 grt. 649 nrt. 2,231 dwt.
Arrived at Sveti Kajo, Split for breaking by Brodospas.
Donaldson Line Ltd. - Donaldson Bros. Ltd., Glasgow
1936 Ogmore Steamship Co.Ltd - Ships Finance & Management Co. Ltd., London
1937 Yannaghas Bros. & Co., Piraeus
1952 Cia de Vapores Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Launched as WAR CARACUL

Sank after developing leaks off coast of Algeria 37.05N - 07.53E on a voyage from Newport Mon. to Taranto with coal.
Tees Towing Co. Ltd. - Wm. Crosthwaite & Son, Middlesbrough
6/1968 Fowey Harbour Commissioners, Fowey

1989 Haven Maritime Ltd, Pembroke Dock
1991 Owners acquired by West Coast Towing Co Ltd
1991 Tuskar Rock Marine Hire Ltd, Rosslare - IRE flag
6/1996 Sold Pinturas y Degasificaciones SL, Huelva - ESP flag
2005 Britannia Shipping International Ltd, Malta - reg Valletta
5/2011 reg Freetown SLE
11/2011 flag unknown
c1990 118gt 35nt, 26.27 x 7.29 x 3.36 (dr 3.14)m
2005 towing tuna cages
2009 advertised for sale
7/2016 still listed on IHSF Sea-Web database as in service
Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd., Glasgow.
1937 Eric Ericsson, Surte, Sweden.
10/1941 Deutsches Reich - Schwarzmeer Schiffahrt GmbH, Hamburg.
1937 laid up at Costanza, embargoed due to illegal arms and ammunition for export.
1941 used as escort ship.
1944 Q ship as 'Schiff 29'.
29/08/1944 damaged by saboteurs at Piraeus
17/10/1944 sunk as blockship off Saloniki.
1948 Broken up.
Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd., Glasgow

06/09/1917 mined and sank when 3 miles west of Eagle Island, Western Ireland on passage Glasgow for Limerick.