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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
1843  40740  GLENDARAGH  Unknown Builder at Greenock  Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1867  58233 DEODARA  Dundee Shipbuilding Co.  Cargo Sailing Vessel 
1880  82336  BHUNDARA  William Denny & Bros  238 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1885  92022 MANDARA  Troon Shipbuilding Co  22 Yacht Sailing Vessel 
1914  136317  CHAKDARA  Ramage & Ferguson  238 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1915  137473 DARA  Russell & Co  680 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1920  144228  ADARA  Alexander Robertson & Sons Ltd  139 Yacht Motor Vessel 
1935  163570 ANADARA  Harland & Wolff Ltd.  932 Tanker Motor Vessel 
1937  164115  THENDARA  Alexander Stephen & Sons Ltd.  555 Yacht Sailing Vessel 
1948  181938 DARA  Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd.  711 Passenger / Cargo Motor Vessel 

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British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., London

Sank off Dubai whilst under tow following an explosion on board on 08/04/1961 whilst anchored off Dubai riding out a storm. Because of this,evacuation was chaotic and 238 lives were lost out of the 800 or so on board. The cause of the explosion was believed to have been caused deliberately by Omani dissidents.
British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd, London
1972 Ben Theong Manufacturing Co Pte Ltd, Singapore

Arrived at Kaohsiung for breaking up by Kuen Hwa Iron Steel Works
British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., Glasgow

05/1907 sold for breaking at Bombay.
Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co.Ltd.

Believed torpedoed by U-558 in position 43.45N x 42.15W.having left her convoy and then disappeared some 200 mils from Cape Race.
Listed also as torpedoed by U-59 on 30/08/1940 in position 56.15N x 09.10W. Survived this action. Towed in and repaired. DARA
Bombay & Persia Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., Bombay

Launched for Asiatic Co. Ltd., Liverpool
Arrived at Shanghai for breaking.

Thomas Steele, Ayr.
188x foreign
by1895 G Mercer
1901 Robert Hooper, Antwerp - reg Fowey

Destroyed by an explosion
Stated to be last vessel from yard. GLENDARAGH
C Moore and others, Liverpool
23/3/1859 Lyed Mohamet bin Alli al Sunid and others, Singapore - reg Singapore
For Liverpool-Calcutta service
c16/8/1843 sailed Clyde for Calcutta

by1859 540grt 540nrt, 127.0 x 28.5 x 21.0ft
15/8/1859 dismasted and leaking in typhoon in 20.5N 114.42E, 150m S of Hong Kong (Singapore for Hong Kong).
18/8/1859 abandoned as sinking - crew picked up by LADY RAGLAN
George F. Paisley, Glasgow.
By 1930 Arthur T. Hodgson, Southampton (VAHMAH - Glasgow)
1931 To Southampton Registry.
By 1936 Arthur J. Whittall, Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey. (WINONA - Southampton)
By 1955 P. A. Tripley, Acton, London. (WINONA - Southampton)
By 1963 D. C. Dillistone, Sway, Hants.
By 1970 Maurice J. Vane, Broadway, Thatcham, Berks. (WINONA - Southampton)
By 1972 John D. S. & Barbara J. E. Phillips, Hove, Sussex. (WINONA - Southampton)
By 1980 Mr & Mrs D C Bell, Monte Carlo, Monaco (WINONA - Southampton)
Designed by J. A. McCallum. Steel frames.

Arthur S L Young, Dalmuir
1950 ??, Greece
By 1963 Compania Commercial Granadena. (Home port Piraeus)
19xx ??, Italy
1993 Malcolm J Horsley
1999 Philip Swinstead - registered Valletta
1993 Southampton Yacht Services was commissioned by Mike Horseley of Malcolm J. Horsley to carry out a full restoration. 1994 re-launched and restored her racing glory by winning the Gaff Rigged prize in the 1998 Atlantic Challenge.
2010 in service
Gaff ketch. Design 379 by Alfred Mylne.
Teak planking on steel frames.