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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
1907  121189  YULGILBAR  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  178 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1907  123129 BLACKWATER  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  181 Coaster Screw Steamer 
1907  124059  AQUILLA  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  171 Coaster Screw Steamer 
1907  124102 OPHIR  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co  194 Coaster Screw Steamer 
1907  124170  ANNAN  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  165 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1907  124202 CHIEFTAIN  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co  182 Passenger / Cargo Screw Steamer 
1907  124241  QUEEN OF THE LAKE  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co  183 Passenger Screw Steamer 
1907  124662 WOODBURN  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co  170 Coaster Screw Steamer 
1907  124668  MOYLE  Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.  179 Cargo Screw Steamer 
1907  unknown  Ardrossan Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co Ltd  213 Tug Screw Steamer 

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William Sloan & Co (George Sloan), Glasgow
06/1958 Coast Lines Ltd., Liverpool
1932 passenger accommodation removed
Arrived at Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht for breaking by N.V. Holland
Zillah Shipping and Carrying Co. Ltd. (William A. Savage, manager), Warrington and later Liverpool
02/08/1949 Owners restyled as Zillah Shipping Co. Ltd. (William A. Savage Ltd., manager), Liverpool.(now part of Coast Lines Group)
27/11/1953 Richard Abel and Sons Ltd., Liverpool.
18/12/1953 Renamed ALLADALE.
31/12/1956 Fleetwood Sand and Gravel Co. Ltd., Fleetwood - R. Abel & Son Ltd.,managers, Liverpool
12/1915 until 01/1920 Admiralty requisition - RFA stores carrier
1941 until 1945 Admiralty requisition - cable ship

09/1967 Demolition commenced by C. and J. Davies, Fleetwood.

01/06/1972 Register belatedly closed, consequent of demolition.

Barge Shipped overseas MAID OF HONOUR
William King Millar, London
1913 Marion G Thornton, Ryde
1922 Montagne R G White, Warsash
1922 Courtenay C E Morgan, Baron Tredegar, Newport Mon
1924 Katharine A Mackinnon, London
1936 John A Miller, Glasgow - reg Glasgow (1937)
1937 Hubert S Paine, Southampton
1942 Admiralty, London
1946 ??
1949 Epirotiki Steamship Navigation Co, Piraeus - reg Piraeus
1956 John Tripos, Piraeus
1987 Commercial Bank of Greece, Athens

4/1915 requisitioned by Admiralty for service as auxiliary patrol yacht
1919 returned to owner
12/1939 requisitioned by Admiralty as a danlayer.
11/1942 purchased
1944 used as a minesweeper depot ship
1946 sold.
1949 converted to a passenger ship

Deleted from Lloyd's Register as existence in doubt.
North Coast Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., Sydney NSW
1925 Burns, Philp (South Sea) Co. Ltd., Suva, Fiji.

Q1/1933 dismantled and scuttled off Mbengga Island, Fiji.
Shamrock Shipping Co. Ltd. - T.Jack jnr., Larne
11/1918 Normandy Shipping Co. Ltd. - Stephenson Clarke & Co., London
1923 Shamrock Shipping Co. Ltd. - T.Jack jnr., Larne
21/05/1940 The Admiralty (as blockship)

Scuttled at Dunkrik during Operation Dynamo.
David MacBrayne Ltd, Glasgow

Sailed from Ballachulish 19/08/1913 at 5.15pm with 45 passengers for Kinlochleven.
At 5.40pm. fire in ships engine-room. Ignition of oil in the bilges. Some oil thrown by a revolving fly-wheel of the port engine onto a hot exhaust pipe.

Vessel beached and became a total loss. Passengers and crew (45 plus 11) landed on the north shore of Loch Leven some 4½ miles from Ballachulish.
Some sources have enginebuilder wrongly as L Gardner, Manchester BLACKWATER
Tedcastle, McCormick & Co Ltd Dublin
1919 Coast Lines Ltd., London.
1921 John Kelly Ltd., (Samuel Kelly, manager).
26/11/1923 Wm. Clint appointed as manager.
1952 Renamed BALLYGOWAN, (J. G. Christie appointed as manager).

War service
09/08/1915 until 28/03/1919 British Expeditionary Force Transport No. E. 2610, moving cross-channel stores.

20/04/1944 until 31/08/1945 Chartered to the Government, during which period she was involved with supplying Sword Beach, on 8th June 1944, during the D-Day landings.

1954 British Iron & Steel Corporation and allocated to Shaw of Kent Ltd, for demolition at Rainham, Kent.
01/10/1954 Arrived at Rainham.



Unnamed barge