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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
2022    VENTURE IV  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021  KALLISTA HELEN  Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd.  805 Workboat Motor Vessel 
2021    FAITHFUL  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021  FRUITFUL VINE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021    CRYSTAL RIVER  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021  ORION  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021    Unknown  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing  
2020  CRYSTAL SEA  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  686 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2020    ENDEAVOUR V  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  687 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2020  HELEN RICE  Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd.  804 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2020    JACQUELINE ANNE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2020  FYNE BLUE  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   17 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2019    PRINCE OF WALES  Aircraft Carrier Alliance  Naval Integrated Electric 
2019  WESTRO  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2019    GUIDE THEM  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   12 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2019  ETERNAL LIGHT  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2019    GOOD HOPE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  685 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2019  SPEY  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  Naval  
2019    GLEN SHIEL  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   14 Passenger Motor Vessel 
2019  LADY OF STRIVEN  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   15 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2019    NETTY  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   16 Workboat Motor Vessel 
2018  TRENT  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  Naval Diesel 
2018    ACHIEVE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  677 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2018  VAILA MARIE  Malakoff Ltd  Workboat Motor Vessel 
2018    CALEDONIA III  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  681 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2018  AUDACIOUS  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  680 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2018    ACAMAR  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Tug Motor Vessel 
2018  VISION IV  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  670 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2018    PROVIDER  Malin Fabrication Ltd  Workboat Motor Vessel 
2018  TAMAR  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  Naval  
2017    QUEEN ELIZABETH  Aircraft Carrier Alliance  Naval Integrated Electric 
2017  MEDWAY  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  Naval Diesel 
2017    SCOTIA  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Pilot Motor Vessel 
2017  GYPSEY RACE  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   11 Dredger Motor Vessel 
2017    CARVORIA  Malakoff Ltd  Ferry Motor Vessel 
2017  STEADFAST HOPE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  669 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2017    VENTURE III  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  673 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2017  LILY MAE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  675 Workboat Motor Vessel 
2017    ASTERIA  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  676 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2017  PTARMIGAN  Paul Rush  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2016    GLEN ETIVE  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   10 Passenger Motor Vessel 
2016  CATRIONA  Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd.  727 Ferry Diesel-electric 
2016    FORTH  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  805006 Naval Diesel 
2016  REBECCA  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  667 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2016    SELKIE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  668 Dredger Motor Vessel 
2016  FOREVER FAITHFUL  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  671 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2016    WARNESS LASS  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  672 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2015  TURNSTONE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Workboat Motor Vessel 
2015    HELEN MARY  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  659 Work/Repair Vessel Motor Vessel 
2015  KEIRA MAY  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  666 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2015    JULIE ANNE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2015  GUIDING STAR  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2015    SSF/MD1  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Barge No Propulsion 
2015  Barge   Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Barge No Propulsion 
2015    Barge   Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Barge No Propulsion 
2015  Barge  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Barge No Propulsion 
2014    LOCHINVAR  Ferguson Shipbuilders Ltd.  726 Ferry Diesel-electric 
2014  SEA CHELLE  Alexander Noble & Sons Ltd  Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2014  919226  PORTH EILIAN  Buckie Shipyard Ltd  Windfarm Support Motor Vessel 
2014  919586 MO1  Buckie Shipyard Ltd  523 Windfarm Support Motor Vessel 
2014    VISION III  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  656 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2014  BENARKLE II  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  658 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2014    ERIN JULIN  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   9 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2013  HALLAIG  Ferguson Shipbuilders Ltd.  725 Ferry Diesel-electric 
2013    GERALDINE MARY  Alexander Noble & Sons Ltd  136 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2013  JACQUELINE ANNE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  655 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2013    EILEEN MCLOUGHLIN  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  657 Tug Motor Vessel 
2012  LADY CHARLOTTE  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   8 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2012    CLARE ANNE  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   7 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2012  918261 DALBY DERWENT  Buckie Shipyard Ltd  SCC57 Windfarm Support Water Jet 
2012    NEREUS  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  651 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2012  CRYSTAL DAWN  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  653 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2012    HELEN BURNIE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  654 Work/Repair Vessel Motor Vessel 
2011  DIAMOND  BVT Surface Fleet Ltd  1063 Naval Integrated Electric 
2011    ASV PIONEER  Ferguson Shipbuilders Ltd.  722 CODLOG 

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N. I. D. Java.

Floating dock rigged as a barque for delivery to Java.
On first departure she had to return because of defective steering gear.
On the second departure, she suffered the 21st October gales of 1874 and was driven ashore at Ardmore.
In July 1875 finally repaired, she left, the voyage taking 18 months.

Edward Ferguson & Co, Greenock
1884 James Campbell, Greenock

Foundered near Pladda in the Firth of Clyde when owned by James Campbell of Greenock. All four of the crew were lost.
James Gardner Jr (James Gardner & Sons), Kirkintilloch
1877 William J Pirrie, Edward Harland, Gustavus Wolff and Walter Wilson, Belfast - reg Belfast
1881 Thomas H Davis, Peel IOM - reg Peel
1884 Edward Crompton, Liverpool - reg Liverpool
1886 Les fils de T Conseil, Lisbon.

George Clark, Ayr.
1877 W Hine Bros, Maryport.
1876 chartered to the Kircaldy & London Steam Shipping Co, Kirkcaldy
17/4/1877 put in to Holyhead as filling with water (Newport for Workington with iron) and put aground. Reported with broken keel; returned to service by 11/1877.
Wrecked at Loch Etive Connel Argyllshire, Voyage Workington to Bonar Argyllshire with rails, Master W Holmes and crew saved.
James Duthie, Buccleuch Street, Glasgow
1878 Nobel's Explosives Co Ltd, Glasgow
12/1877 for sale
1878 165grt 89nrt; 1888 165grt 77nrt
Lost in collision in Mersey.
Robert Taylor and William H Neilson, Dundee
c1881 Robert Taylor, Dundee

Wrecked in a force 12 Gale on Sandrigg, Holy island, Northumberland, on voyage Warkworth to Dundee with coal and two passengers. The master T Inglis, the crew and passengers saved by rocket apparatus.
Pile & Co [J. C. Briggs] London
Pile & Co, London
1877 Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoom Maats, Amsterdam - mreg Amsterdam
1906 Martinolich & Figlio, Trieste
Launched as CHISLEHURST for Pile & Co, London. Registered as PHOEBE
Wrecked on Merlera Rock, near Pola. Present day Ereikoussa Island north of Corfu.On voyage from Gallipoli to Ravigno with grape residue.
The builders, in order to cover the risk of launching so large a vessel in so narrow a river, the Cart, insured her for £10,000. VENEZUELA
John M MacDonald, London
1877 Bolivar Railway Co Ltd, London & Venezuela - reg Venezuela
1883 Quebrada Railway, Land & Copper Co Ltd, London & Venezuela

12/1890 wrecked
Ayr Steam Shipping Co - mng Peter Barr & David Rowan, Ayr
01/05/1883 David Rowan, Glasgow.
22/12/1891 David Rowan junior and Walter Bain, Ayr (both shipping agents).

10/1896 Foundered off St. Ann's Head, Isle of Man whilst on a voyage from Llandulas to Ayr with a cargo of limestone.

19/11/1896: Register closed.

Greek Navy

2nd class torpedo boat

Greek Navy

John McFarlan, Arrochar

Based Tarbet, possibly in connection with Loch Lomond services. unknown
Unknown Spanish owner

Ordered by Pile & Co for Spain

John Stewart, Paisley

Unregistered. TB.15

George Clark, Ayr
1880 Alexander M Hay, Glasgow.
1888 Henry Lane, Londonderry.
1891 Dreux, Le Legue-St Brieuc, France
1891 B Rouxel, Le Legue, France.
1899 Dreux et Santin, Nantes, France.
1902 Joseph Larran, Peyrehorade, France.
1905 Germain, Nantes.
1906 A 1880 Alexander M Hay, Glasgow.
Mazella et J Barone, Oran, Algeria.
1907 T D Hyaffil and Co., Oran, Algiers.
1908 Societe Commerciale et Maritime, Oran.
1912 J Bernheim (Succession Ant. Mazella), Oran.
1920 Transports Cotiers a Vapeur (Nicolas Mazella, manager), Oran.
1880 Rebuilt - 221grt 106nrt.
24/12/1881 stranded - salvaged.
By 1900; 214grt 80nrt, 39.92 x 6.30 x 3.00m
Sank following an explosion at Algiers whilst on a voyage from Algiers to Oran with a cargo of petrol and paraffin.
The re-naming to STRATHSPEY was by permission of the Board of Trade.
03/05/1888 Alexander M Hay declared bankrupt. MARION
Whitecross Wire & Iron Co, Warrington - mng R W Murray
1881 Mississippi & Dominion Steamship Co, Liverpool
1895 William A Osborn, Bristol
c1922 Osborn & Wallis Ltd, Bristol

1881-1895 in service as a baggage tender; 139 grt

Deleted from MNL c1932.
Pile & Company, London
1880 Mr Chantler
1880 Charles E Gaselee, London
1881 J Hemmings, London
1881 Charles E Gaselee & Howard V Welch, London
12/05/1887 reg London (1st, ON 94274)
1888 Joseph Westwood, Millwall
1895 John Kent, Cardiff
1896 Henry W Dove, Stepney
1912 William G Marriott, Rotherhithe
Initially unregistered
22/1/1880 for auction in London as MALLARD: 51.0 x 10.8 x 6.0ft 22nhp
25/6/1883 for auction in London as WASP: 50 x 10 x 6ft 20nhp
5/12/1885 collided in River Thames with steamer SAFI, which was seriously damaged


Alexander & John Macdonald, Hangingshaw
1880 The Auckland & North Shore Steam Ferry Co.Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand.
1886 Lost

1885-1887 deleted from British register
Francis N. Baird & Co, Glasgow.
1879 Andrew Patterson, Paisley (Banker)
1879 Alfred Borwick, London.
After about a year being laid up in Greenock, awaiting a buyer, she was used initially as a collier running coals from West of Scotland ports, mainly Ayrshire, to Dublin.
In Alfred Borwick's ownership general cargo from Hull was intended.
On voyage from Hull to Lofoten, Aker she went ashore in fog at Egersund near Stavanger.
Captain Clarkson, from Hull, and crew were saved.

Unknown - previously thought to have been HIRONDELLE - see KELBURNE at Yard No 35

J Donald, Paisley


Rebuild of FOYLE built 1868.

1881 Alexander M Hay, Glasgow

Rebuild of KELBURNE (Yd 35) as STRATHSPEY




??, Romania

One of three tugs

Venezuela Railway Co.

James Donald, Paisley
1881 Antonio Cocurollo, Castellamare, Italy - reg Italy
1903 Società Napoletana di Nav. a Vap., Naples
1908 ??
By 1903, the dimensions and tonnages were, 119grt 87nrt, 118.1 x 16.1 x 8.1 ft

A & O Stathatos, Braila

For service at Braila/River Danube.
Possible registered at Ithaca

Not listed as Greek-owned operating at Braila/Danube by 1894.

Greek Navy

Greek Navy

Fotte Brothers?

For service in Romania (probably Braila/Danube)



For service in Romania (probably Braila/Danube).

Pollok, Clazy & Co, Glasgow

The partnerships (Pollok, Clazy & Co, and Pollok Black & Co) between Morris Pollok Jr, George Robert Clazy and John Dykehead Black and operating in Glasgow, Cape Town, East London and Durban were dissolved on 30/6/1883, after the loss of UMSIMKULU. [Edinburgh Gazette, 17/8/1883]

Total wreck at Breede River, Port Beaufort, Cape Province.
Douglas Steam Nav Co - R. A. Cain , Douglas
188x William Kelly, Douglas
190x William Rafferty, Glasgow
1905 McKinney & Rafferty, Douglas
1906 The Anglo-Newfoundland Fish Exporting co Ltd, Liverpool - reg St John's, Newfoundland
Built for fish trade.
By 1889 - 206grt 67nrt
By 1906 - 210grt 64nrt
Wrecked on Indian Island, Newfoundland.
Ardgowan Steamship Co Ltd - mng Craig, Scott & Co, Greenock
1886 L Schwarz, Fiume
1901 Soc. in Azioni Ungaro Croata - Hungarian Croatian Steam Navigation Company
1923 Jadranska Plovidba, Susak
1929 I de Sgardelli
1929 D Kerambos & Co, Piraeus - reg Piraeus

Initially for the fish trade

1925 converted to a hulk
1928 refitted for cargo service
Bombed by German aircraft at Suda Bay, Crete. Crew of 8 rescued.
Muir & Houston, Glasgow for James W Little, Barrow
12/1883 James W Little, Barrow - reg Barrow
188x William L Watson, London

By 1890 - 154grt 69nrt

Not in MNL 1891

Jacob Christensen


Doubtful entry. See 1880 WESTONIA by Fullerton.


J Young

Duncan Fraser & William Blair, Lochawe Hotel Co, Lochawe
1922 Caledonian Steam Packet Co Ltd, Glasgow

Loch Awe Pier-South Port (Sonachan)-Taychreggan-Ford service.
Unregistered until 1912.
1898 re-engined by Hawthorns & Co - 235ihp
Laid up 1914-1922

Broken up near Loch Awe Pier
A & O Stathatos, Braila

Glasgow Herald (23/5/1883) has ΣΦΗΞ ("Sphex" = Wasp)

Greek/Danube list 1894 has tug ΣΦῚΓΞ ("Sphinx") of 40hp owned by Othon Stathatos (not listed 1900) - same vessel?

Strong, Scott and Co, Bute Docks Cardiff

Foundered 8 miles N/W of Godrevy Light, Cornwall. Cardiff to Rouen with coal, Master H Dixon. Crew saved.
Walter Heald, Manchester
31/03/1884 N J Robinson
06/1884 Cia Naviera de Filipinas, Manila - Spanish flag
1930 Osorio Steamship Co, Manila - USA flag
by1931 Cebu Navigation Co, Cebu - USA flag
1941 Ramon Abiotiz, Cebu.
19xx Ynchausti Steamship Co, Manila.

James Donald, Paisley
29/04/1884 John Donald, Batavia
22/10/1884 Dutch Co. Fishery - mng A V Verkouteren, Batavia.
5/1884 used for experiments off Greenock with use of high-powered underwater lights to assist fishing.
5/1884 sailed Clyde for Batavier, Dutch East Indies
by26/7/1884 arrived Port Said after repairs at Malta

Marine Engineer 1884 and Lloyd's list 28/4/1884 had name as TILLEY

Donald B Macdonald, Fort William Distillery
01/11/1891 Owner died
11/1891 Jessie M. Carmichael or McDonald, John & Archibald McDonald (distillers).
03/1896 Hugh Wallace, Liverpool - mng Wallace Bros Ltd, Dublin
1896 Edward Betson, Dublin - reg Dublin
5/1897 McCausland, Portaferry
1905 Clyde Salvage Co Ltd, Glasgow - reg Glasgow
190x Tilton's Trading Steamers Ltd - mng Walter G Tilton, Bristol
191x Henry Haagensen, Grimsby
191x G Couper
Grain carrier
1890 208grt 108nrt
1896 236grt 74nrt
2/12/1896 sank near Poolbeg Lighhouse after taking water crossing Dublin Bay Bar (inbound from Garston); three of her crew drowned
31/1/1897 raised and beached by salvors McCausland, Portaferry
28/4/1897 auctioned in damaged state, lying in Ringsend Drydock, Dublin and purchased by salvors
1905 rebuilt after stranding in Kyle of Lochalsh
Stranded ¼ mile east of Whitby Pier, Yorkshire (Tyne Dock for Calais, coke). Crew of 8 rescued.
??, Manila

Sternwheel passenger steamer

V. Casares & Sons, Buenos Aires.
pre 1898 Nicolas Mihanovich, Buenos Aires.

River Plate trade

N. Mihanovich, Buenos Aires.

For River Plate trade.

James Donald Jr & William Donald, Abbey Works
1886 ??, France

N. McLean & Co, Buenos Aires

Wm & J. Donald, Glasgow
9/9/1889 Guillermo S Parfitt, London - reg Glasgow (1st)
1900 ??, Argentina
by1910 Saturnino J Undue, Buenos Aires

By 1909 in Buenos Aires & lengthened (39tm).

Lloyd's Register 1921 in error gives Yd 77 to the 1879 HIRONDELLE ex KELBURNE

Lengthened 6.5 ft in Buenos Aires by A. Gardella & Co.B.A.
1910 LRofY 73.5 ft. GENERAL TAJOS
Edward John Macadam, Pembroke Dock
1887 McAdam & Evans, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
12/07/1887 trials.


Reported sailed 7/1887 to Brazil for towing vessels over the bar at Rio Grande do Sul.

British register closed 9/1887 as "sold to Uruguay"

McAdam & Evans, Rio Grande do Sul

27/9/1887 trials, 12mph
18/10/1887 at Madeira on delivery voyage; 13/11 arrived Rio de Janeiro
by 2/1888 arrived Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Possibly destined for Maranhão, a state in Brazil. DRYSDALE
N. McLean, Buenos Aires.
1xxx Cia Navegación a Vapor Nicolas Mihanovich SA, Buenos Aires
1909 The Argentine Navigation Co (Nicolas Mihanovich) Ltd, London
For mails, passengers and towing.
9/11/1887 sank in Albert Harbour, Greenock while coaling for delivery voyage; later raised.

N. McLean & Co (Neil McLaren & Co?), Buenos Aires
1923 The Argentine Navigation Co Ltd, Buenos Aires
1930 Compañía Argentina de Navegación Mihánovich (Dodero), Buenos Aires
1942 Compañía Argentina de Navegación Dodero, Buenos Aires
1949 Flota Argentina de Navegación Fluvial, Buenos Aires

"For towing ships over the bar at Rio Grande du Sul" [Glasgow Herald], but probably incorrect as in Brazil

19xx 139grt 71net 95.9 x 18.5 x 9.3ft

192x reengined Triple-expansion T3cy 302ihp

1890 Royal Indian Marine
1892 Royal Navy
Gurkha RIM TB 7. Baluchi Group. Ordered by the India Office
Never delivered and was taken over by the RN in 1892

Sold to Stanlee Shipbreaking, Dover for breaking up
see: SAMA
Jacob Christensen, Bergen
1898 P G Pettersen, Bergen
1906 Jacob Kuhnle Jr., Bergen
1908 A W Rove, Philadelphia
1910 A/S Oregon - S L Christie, Bergen
1915 A. Olsen, New York
1916 A/S Noitral - F Bryde & Co., Christiania
1917 SS Co. Oregon - K S Bartholdy, Copenhegen
1921 Julio Pinto Ltda., Lisbon

Built for West Indian fruit trade.

1908 grounded at Castle Island, Bahamas. Condemned and sold to A. W. Rove of Philadelphia

Wrecked 76m south of Cape Lopez (São Tomé for Saint Antoine).
J Warnock.

Built on spec.

Northern Steamship Co Ltd, Auckland NZ.

Broken up at Auckland.
H McIntyre

86 - 90 Barges

H McIntyre

H McIntyre

H McIntyre

H McIntyre

J Young

J. Young

Bell & Harker, London for foreign owners

Bell & Harker, London for foreign owners

Bell & Harker, London for foreign owners