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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
2022    VENTURE IV  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021  KALLISTA HELEN  Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd.  805 Workboat Motor Vessel 
2021    FAITHFUL  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021  FRUITFUL VINE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021    CRYSTAL RIVER  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021  ORION  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2021    Unknown  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing  
2020  CRYSTAL SEA  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  686 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2020    ENDEAVOUR V  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  687 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2020  HELEN RICE  Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd.  804 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2020    JACQUELINE ANNE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2020  FYNE BLUE  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   17 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2019    PRINCE OF WALES  Aircraft Carrier Alliance  Naval Integrated Electric 
2019  WESTRO  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2019    GUIDE THEM  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   12 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2019  ETERNAL LIGHT  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2019    GOOD HOPE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  685 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2019  SPEY  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  Naval  
2019    GLEN SHIEL  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   14 Passenger Motor Vessel 
2019  LADY OF STRIVEN  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   15 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2019    NETTY  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   16 Workboat Motor Vessel 
2018  TRENT  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  Naval Diesel 
2018    ACHIEVE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  677 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2018  VAILA MARIE  Malakoff Ltd  Workboat Motor Vessel 
2018    CALEDONIA III  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  681 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2018  AUDACIOUS  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  680 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2018    ACAMAR  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Tug Motor Vessel 
2018  VISION IV  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  670 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2018    PROVIDER  Malin Fabrication Ltd  Workboat Motor Vessel 
2018  TAMAR  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  Naval  
2017    QUEEN ELIZABETH  Aircraft Carrier Alliance  Naval Integrated Electric 
2017  MEDWAY  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  Naval Diesel 
2017    SCOTIA  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Pilot Motor Vessel 
2017  GYPSEY RACE  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   11 Dredger Motor Vessel 
2017    CARVORIA  Malakoff Ltd  Ferry Motor Vessel 
2017  STEADFAST HOPE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  669 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2017    VENTURE III  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  673 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2017  LILY MAE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  675 Workboat Motor Vessel 
2017    ASTERIA  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  676 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2017  PTARMIGAN  Paul Rush  Fishing Motor Vessel 
2016    GLEN ETIVE  Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co.   10 Passenger Motor Vessel 
2016  CATRIONA  Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd.  727 Ferry Diesel-electric 
2016    FORTH  BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Ltd  805006 Naval Diesel 
2016  REBECCA  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  667 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2016    SELKIE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  668 Dredger Motor Vessel 
2016  FOREVER FAITHFUL  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  671 Fishing Motor Vessel 
2016    WARNESS LASS  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  672 Landing craft Motor Vessel 
2015  TURNSTONE  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  Workboat Motor Vessel 
2015    HELEN MARY  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  659 Work/Repair Vessel Motor Vessel 
2015  KEIRA MAY  Macduff Shipyards Ltd  666 Landing craft Motor Vessel 

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Henry Howie (32/64) and Robert Simpson (32/64), Harrington
17/07/1891 Henry Howie deceased
08/08/1891 Robert Simpson, Cumberland.(64/64)

20/12/1906 Robert Simpson deceased
14/01/1907 John H. Brown, Whitehaven.
xx/01/1908 Vicomte le Guales de Mezaubran, St Brieuc, Cotes du Nord, France.
1925 V. & S. Castella, Casablanca, Morocco.
1897 Lengthened to 173.8 ft.
3q/1935 broken up in France.
A.Mackenzie & Co. Dublin
1892 J. Weatherill & Company, Dublin.
1908 Hibernia Steamship Company Ltd., (J. Weatherill & Company Ltd, managers), Dublin.
1915 John Kelly Ltd., (Samuel Kelly, manager).
1919 Renamed ACHILL.
26/11/1923 Wm. Clint appointed as manager.
1933 J. R. Hird, London.

6/8/1933 foundered in the Gulf of Bothnia on passage Danzig for Skelleftea.
British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., Glasgow
1907 Australasian United SN Co. Ltd., Sydney NSW
1923 Moona Kader Sultan, Singapore

Sold in May 1929 for breaking at Hong Kong
J. & A. Wyllie, London.
1897 J. & P. Hutchison, Glasgow
1898 Chinese Eastern Railway Co., Newchang
1900 registered at Port Arthur
1904 Japanese Government - Navy Department
1911 Government of Formosa - Osaka Shosen Kaisha, Taiwan
1929 Kagoshima Yusen K.K., Kagoshima
1938 Kawasaki Shoji Goshi Kaisha, Kagoshima
03/02/1904 captured off Busan by Japanese cruisers on passage Nagasaki for Vladivostok with rice, condemned by prize court
Wrecked near Shiokubisaki, Hokkaido
Ninian B Stewart, Cantyre, Argyllshire
1896 Mrs Sarah Drexel-Fell, Philadelphia, USA - reg Philadelphia PA
1898 Alexander Van Rensselaer, Philadelphia
1911 Joseph R DeLamar
8/1917 United States Navy
by 1903 653grt 369nrt, 239loa/204lwl x 27.8 x 17.6 ft
1/1898 Mrs Drexel-Fell and Rensselaer married
8/1898 converted to private hospital ship for the National Relief Commission at Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War.
1899 returned to service as private yacht
7/10/1917 commissioned in US Navy as Section Patrol Craft MAY (SP 164)
Ran aground off Cape Engaño, Santo Domingo
28/2/1920 wreck abandoned by US Navy
6/2/1922 hulk sold
Designed by G L Watson.
Cantyre may be more familiar as Kintyre. Ninian Stewart owned Keil House just west of Southend in the Mull of Kintyre, now Argyll & Bute. AB-BASS
Egyptian Government, Alexandria.

First owner listed in MNL George F G Purvis,Cullompton Devon is possibly an agent for Egyptian Govt.

Built as a revenue cruiser for the Red Sea. SABARMATI
Joseph Augustus Shepherd (for Bombay Steam Navigation Co), Bombay
7/1893 Hajee Ismail Hasseem and Joseph Shepherd (Bombay Steam Navigation Co), Bombay - reg Bombay
1900 Hajee Ismail Hasseem (Bombay Steam Navigation Co), Bombay
1902 Hajee Ismail Hasseem and Hajee Ahmed Hasseem (Bombay Steam Navigation Co), Bombay
1903 Hajee Ismail Hasseem (Bombay Steam Navigation Co), Bombay
6/1906 Bombay Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Bombay
Indian passenger & coasting trade
by24/3/1927 sold to be broken up
Bombay Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.,- Shepherd & Co., Bombay

Sunk in a collision with ss SABARMATI near Karwar. She was on a voyage from Mangalore to Bombay.
British & Irish Steam Packet Co. Ltd., Dublin
1914 Nav. Hellenique John McDowall, Piraeus.
1917 Hellenic Co of Maritime Enterprises - A. Palios, Piraeus
1927 Mandafouni SS Co, Piraeus. 1931 M.Kehayoglu Sons, Piraeus.
1934 John Toyias Steamship Co, Piraeus

29/04/1941 bombed by aircraft at Suda Bay, Crete.
Wreck broken up 1945.
Empresa Esperança Marítima, Rio de Janeiro

commandeered and armed during naval rebellion in 1893; returned to owners 1894