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Name Official number Flag IMO
DIDO  144058  GBR   
Year built Date launched Date completed
1920  27/09/1920   
Vessel type Vessel description
Cargo   Steel Screw Steamer  
Builder Yard Yard no
Dunlop, Bremner & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow Inch Yard  315 

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
3554 grt / 2175 nrt / 314.0 ft  45.2 ft  28.7 ft   
Engine builder Dunlop, Bremner & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow
Engine detail
T3cyl (21,36&62x39ins), 240nhp, 1 screw 

First owner First port of register Registration date
Ellerman's Wilson Line Ltd., Hull  Hull   
Other names
1941 DORPAT - 1949 LEILA 
Subsequent owner and registration history
1930 Ellerman Lines Ltd., London
1932 managers Ellerman & Papayanni Lines, Liverpool
25/04/1941 Deutsches Reich (Leth & Co.), Hamburg
1949 R.W.Rostedt Varustamo-Rederi, Abo
Vessel history

Seized at Brest by Germany after being abandoned on 18/6/1940.

1941 naval auxiliary then Kriegsmarine trials vessel

Mined and sunk in Aarhus Roads 11/04/1943. Sunk again by sabotage at Aalborg on 23/02/1944. Sunk again by air attack in Langeland Belt on 03/05/1945, found at Kiel at end of war, repaired

End year Fate / Status
1963  Broken Up 20/11/1963 
Disposal Detail
Broken up at Mathildedal, commenced on above date. 


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