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Name Official number Flag IMO
LOCH ECK  71684  GBR   
Year built Date launched Date completed
1874  14/11/1874   
Vessel type Vessel description
Cargo   Iron Sailing Vessel 3 Masted Ship
Builder Yard Yard no
Charles Connell & Company, Glasgow Scotstoun  90 

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
1701 grt / 1641 nrt / 262.9 ft  38.3 ft  23.1 ft   
Engine builder ,
Engine detail

First owner First port of register Registration date
J. & R.Wilson, Glasgow  Glasgow   
Other names
1895 ADRIANA - 1899 CARLO P - 1906 MINERAL 
Subsequent owner and registration history
1884: J. Wilson, Glasgow.
1894: Andrew Weir & Co, Glasgow.
1895: Cia. Esplotadora de Lota y Coronel, Chile
1899: Fratelli Pollio, Italy
1906: N. Mihanovich, Argentina.
Vessel history

Stranded at Valparaiso in 1895 and declared a constructive total loss. However, she was bought by South American interests.

End year Fate / Status
1906  Hulked  
Disposal Detail
Hulked after arriving at Montevideo dismasted on a voyage from Pisagua to Leghorn, sold as a storage hulk at Buenos Aires. 


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