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Name Official number Flag IMO
Year built Date launched Date completed
1853  11/1853   
Vessel type Vessel description
Passenger / Cargo   Iron Screw Steamer  
Builder Yard Yard no
Blackwood & Gordon, Paisley Cartvale SB Yard   

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
269 grt / 183 nrt / 148 ft 1 in  19 ft 8 in  10 ft 5 in   
Engine builder ,
Engine detail
2-cylinder oscillating steam engine 60nhp 1-screw 

First owner First port of register Registration date
Major & Co, Greenock.  Launceston  27/06/1854 
Other names
Subsequent owner and registration history
1854 Launceston & Melbourne Steam Navigation Co, Launceston - reg Launceston, Tasmania
1857 George Fisher and others (Launceston and Melbourne Steam Navigation Co), Launceston
1864 Joseph Darwent, Port Adelaide - reg Melbourne
1865 Tasmanian Steam Navigation Co (McMeckan).
1866 Andrew Tennant & others, Adelaide
1876 Spencer's Gulf Steamship Co
1885 J Warburton and Son, Sydney - reg Sydney NSW
1885 Joseph Mitchell, Sydney
1886 Henry J G Cattanach, Sydney
1889 C G Warburton, Sydney
1890 W A Firth, Sydney 
Vessel history
1857 331grt 245nrt; c1877 331grt 227nrt.

She was converted a number of times over her 37 year career, with her final roles being a collier and a latter role as a sewage ship taking wastes out to sea

End year Fate / Status
1890  Collision 14/07/1890 
Disposal Detail
Sailed Sydney for Bulli Wharf, Wollongong to load coal and towing schooner COUNTESS OF ERROLL (218nrt/1883). Sank off The Gap, Port Jackson following a collision with ss HESKETH (640grt/1883)(inbound sydney with coal). The master of HESKETH officially held responsible. 


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