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Name Official number Flag IMO
Year built Date launched Date completed
1869  10/08/1869   
Vessel type Vessel description
Passenger / Cargo   Iron Screw Steamer 3 Masts 
Builder Yard Yard no
Tod & MacGregor, Glasgow Meadowside   146 

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
 / 1728 nrt / 390.0 ft  40.3 ft  27.1 ft   
Engine builder Tod & MacGregor, Glasgow
Engine detail
2cyl horizontal trunk engine 600nhp 3300ihp, 1-crew

11/1876-1877 re-engined by George Forrester & Co, Liverpool
C2cyl 35",75"x60" 500nhp 

First owner First port of register Registration date
William Inman (Inman Steam Ship Co), Liverpool  Liverpool  06/10/1869 
Other names
Subsequent owner and registration history
1875 Inman Steam Ship Co Ltd - mng Ernest S Inman, Liverpool 
Vessel history
For Inman Line's passenger mail service, Liverpool-New York
c1872 3747grt 2323nrt
1877 3775grt 2434nrt, 390.0 x 40.3 x 34.5ft 
End year Fate / Status
1883  Collision 07/01/1883 
Disposal Detail
Inward bound, New York for Liverpool with 66 passengers and 101 crew, waited off the Mersey at the North West Light Vessel in view of heavy fog. She was struck by Hall Line's new ss KIRBY HALL [London & Glasgow Yd 230], arriving at slow speed from trials on the Clyde.

CITY OF BRUSSELS sank in 30 minutes with the loss of two passengers and eight crew. The remainder were taken aboard from the boats by KIRBY HALL.

The master of CITY OF BRUSSELS was exonerated; the KIRBY HALL was held responsible through not stopping engines when first hearing the liner's whistle. 


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