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Name Official number Flag IMO
ALSATIAN  136266  GBR   
Year built Date launched Date completed
1913  22/03/1913   
Vessel type Vessel description
Passenger / Cargo   Steel Screw Steamer 2 Masted 
Builder Yard Yard no
Wm. Beardmore & Co. Ltd., Dalmuir   509 

Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
18485 grt / 10792 nrt / 571.4 ft  72.4 ft  33.7 ft   
Engine builder Wm. Beardmore & Co. Ltd., Dalmuir
Engine detail
4 Parsons steam turbines. 21780shp. Quadruple screws 

First owner First port of register Registration date
Allan Line S.S. Co. Ltd. - J & A Allan, Glasgow.  Glasgow   
Other names
Subsequent owner and registration history
1915 managers Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Ltd.
08/09/1921 managers Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd.
1928 Registry transferred to London.
1928 Canadian Pacific Railway Company - Canadian Pacific Steamships 
Vessel history
09/1914 Reqisitioned as an armed merchant cruiser with the 10th Cruiser Squardon becoming the flagship in 1915.  

01/10/1915 While continuing in that wartime service the Allan fleet was in effect taken over by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company interests and the Canadian Pacific Ocean Services were established.

1919 Re-conditioned and converted for oil fuel by Beardmore & Co. Her stokehold crew was reduced from 117 to 34.

28/09/1931 Laid up in the Fairfield fitting-out berth and remained there for three years. 

End year Fate / Status
1934  Broken Up 24/11/1934 
Disposal Detail
24/11/1934 arrived at Dalmuir for breaking by W. H. Arnott Young & Co. Ltd. 


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