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Year Built O.N Vessel Name Builder Yard No Vessel Type Propulsion
1814    DUKE OF ARGYLE  Alexander Martin  Passenger Paddle Steamer 
1814  MARGERY  Archibald McLachlan  2 Passenger Paddle Steamer 
1815    LADY OF THE LAKE  John Gray  Passenger Paddle Steamer 
1816  WATERLOO  John Hunter  Passenger Paddle Steamer 
1816    ALBION  John Wood & Co  Passenger Paddle Steamer 
1816  LADY OF THE SHANNON  Scott & Sons  Passenger Paddle Steamer 
1819    WATERLOO  Scott & Sons  Passenger / Cargo Paddle Steamer 
1819  FINGAL  William Denny  Paddle Steamer 
1826    COUNTESS OF GLASGOW  Scott & Sons  Passenger Paddle Steamer 

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This FINGAL has been confused by many with the 1826-built vessel owned by Martin & Burns. WATERLOO
Archibald McTaggart, Lewis MacLellan and Alexander Laird.
1819 George Langtry, Belfast.
1825 Walter Frederick Campbell of Islay.
1826 Claud Girdwood & Co, Hutchesontown, Glasgow. 1826 Reg Glasgow.
By 1834 John Stalker, Glasgow and sold to Edinburgh owners.
1826 Rebuilt by William Simons and lengthened.
Stranded on a reef near St Davids in the Firth of Forth. Repairs were thought to be uneconomic and the wreck was offered for sale in November. The underwriters had the engine removed and, being in good condition, was sold separately for reuse.
Clyde, Irish and West Highland services. Latterly Dundee - Leith. DUKE OF ARGYLE
James Dick, William Stevenson and William Norval all of Glasgow, with James Cook, engineer, John Gilmour, Robt Gibb, and others of Glasgow and John Freeland of Kirkintilloch.
1815 R Cheesewright & Co, London - reg London
1821 J Brander, J Webb & others, Cowes
1826 John Burder, London
23/05/1829 J Morley & others, Great Yarmouth - reg Yarmouth
06/1814 Entered service, Glasgow - Greenock - Inveraray.
1815 George Dodd was the master when she was steamed to the Thames via Dublin and Land's End.
14/05/1815 Renamed THAMES and first registered as such.
1821 Briefly on the Solent.
24/9/1835 Register closed.
William Anderson and John McCubbin, Glasgow
11/1814 William Anderson & John McCubbin (Glasgow) and Thomas Hall, James Huntley, John Cathcart & Anthony Cortis (London Steam Engine Packet Co)
4/1815 Anthony Cortis & others (London Steam Engine Packet Co), London - reg London
1816 P Andriel, Pajol & Compagnie, Paris.
11/1814 Delivered to Thames via the Forth & Clyde Canal (in tow in the canal as paddles/sponsons had to be removed), for first steam packet service on the river, between London and Gravesend.
6/1815 service curtailed by legal action from Thames watermen
10/1815 service reported re-advertised

15/3/1816 first steamship to cross the English Channel (Newhaven to Le Havre), arrived Paris 16/3/1816
4/1816 on passenger service on River Seine between Elbeuf and Rouen.

Service on the Seine was not a commercial success and ended in 1818(?). French sources claim she returned to England as MARGERY; others that she was abandoned on the Seine, where her timbers lay as late as 1888.

see Vessel History
5/11/1814 The builders certificate was that of William Denny who, at that time, was presumably McLachlan's manager

The voyage from London to Paris is described in some (French) detail in "Machine à vapeur" by Louis Figuier (Furne, Jouvet et Cie, 1867, pp209-212) LADY OF THE SHANNON
James Paterson, Kilrush

Owner James Paterson, Kilrush. Plied on the Shannon from Limerick to Kilrush. Engine 14nhp.

George Langtry, Belfast

Inaugurated the steam service between Belfast and Liverpool.   Later, transferred to Dublin-Liverpool but remained on Irish service to the mid 1820s when she was acquired for the London-Gravesend service with General Steam Navigation Co, London.

14/07/1839 destroyed by fire.

James & John Kerr, C S Parker and 16 others.
1828 J Kerr, J Woddrop and others - reg Glasgow
1834 Thomas B Blackburne, John Patchett, Willliam Dixon and others (mainly of Liverpool and North Wales)
For Glasgow-Largs/Millport/Irvine service
In service prior to 31/7/1826
1828 also served Arran
6/1834 commenced packet service Liverpool-Foryd-Rhyl service
Wrecked off Woodside pierhead (arrived from Rhyl previous evening) and went to pieces. Remains broken up at Liverpool in 1836

Replaced by SNOWDON (1836)

4/5/1824 New Steamboat Co, Glasgow - reg Glasgow (1st)
1827 Albion Steam Boat Co, Glasgow
Built for Glasgow-Largs service.
1820 lengthened by John Wood & James Barclay, Port Glasgow. 69t burthen, 84'11" x 16'1" x 10'0" sloop-rigged
1827 Glasgow-Millport service

Built by John Wood & James Barclay, Port Glasgow

Later 92t burthen LADY OF THE LAKE
?? (Stirling Steamboat Co?)
1820 John Bryce, Andrew Munter, Lewis McLellan and James Cook, Glasgow
1826 Alloa, Stirling & Kincardine Steamboat Co
1831 T Cookson, Leith
4/1816-10/1817 chartered to Germans and ran on River Elbe
by1821 on Stirling-Alloa-Newhaven service
4/1831 on service Dysart-Leven-Largo-Chain Pier (at Trinity, nr Leith).
6/1831 on Leith-Dundee service, via Elie, Anstruther and Crail during summer and Dysart service in winter.